Web’X’plore – The Moment of Exploration


                            The moment that we have decided to take up an event on behalf of IFET Firefox Club at the Internal Symposium in our college.There are lots of discussions and finally we came up with conducting a Webmaker event where we could host some quizzes about HTML,CSS and possibly come up with a result.

exploreDSCN4777DSCN4771  DSCN4767DSCN4766DSCN4763DSCN4758DSCN4757

The event contains more than 25 participants where we went to try some HTML,CSS stuffs relating to what we need.This is the beginning level attempt of IFET Firefox Club to make a planned event and we are in a momentum of doing more.

Thanks to IFET GNU/Linux Users Group as we got a viable amount of help from them….

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