Hardware Freedom Day 2K15

The growth of every GLUG depends on how they spread their ultimate motto in forms of contribution and co-ordinating for various GLUG activities.As a part of our activity in the recent times,IFET GNU/Linux Users Group has organised the “HARDWARE FREEDOM DAY 2K15” on Sunday(25.1.15).


The event has various forms covered within it.


  • What is Hardware Freedom Day?
  • Introduction to Hardware
  • Explanation of various projects using Arduino
  • Stalls on various projects
  • Final Summary

What we learnt?

The important thing the team learnt is that organizing an event with responsibilities spread to various people makes the work simple.The group was very little experienced and this was a great boost to the team.

photo195228748213233592 photo195228748213233594 photo195228748213233593 photo195228748213233591

There were sample projects that has been made from Arduino and Freeduino(clone of Arduino) that has also been exhibited right in the event.

photo379240196739278769 photo195228748213233603 photo195228748213233602

Thanks to the volunteers of PuduvaiGLUG who has given the ultimate support with their presence in the event.Thanks for all the members of FSFTN who has given support from remote.The event could not have been possible without their support.


Let’s hope and plan for more events in the near future.

Let’s take FREE SOFTWARE to where it must reach…..!!!


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