Introduction about Free Software Technologies

It was quite interesting to see lot of people engaged in our GLUG. Most of them were from 2nd and 3rd years. So we had to give them an introduction about what is GLUG? why it was started? and What and Why we use free softwares…. We also explained them about the philosophy Hope for… Read More Introduction about Free Software Technologies


Creating web app using firefox browser and mobile stimulator.

This section handles about various part:            INRODUCTION            OVERVIEW OF HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT             HOW TO RUN  A WEB APPLICATIOIN IN STIMULATOR? INTRODUCTION: Expalin about what are all the basic needs for create an web based application.. Overview of HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT.. From this we know about that how we… Read More Creating web app using firefox browser and mobile stimulator.

Hardware Freedom Day 2K15

The growth of every GLUG depends on how they spread their ultimate motto in forms of contribution and co-ordinating for various GLUG activities.As a part of our activity in the recent times,IFET GNU/Linux Users Group has organised the “HARDWARE FREEDOM DAY 2K15” on Sunday(25.1.15).                                                                              The event has various forms covered within it. SESSIONS :… Read More Hardware Freedom Day 2K15

The Inauguration – From a Point to the Line

To make the group as an official group of our college we have decided to take upon an Inauguration function inviting all the staff members so as to bring their support in. The function includes, Introduction Free Software Philosophy – Sibi What is programming? – Prasanna GLUG inauguration at the end   This initiative concluded… Read More The Inauguration – From a Point to the Line