Firefox OS app – The Road to App Fest

To make the students understand how the program works and to experience the pleasure in app making,we have to carry over the easiest possible way i.e The FirefoxOS app making.
The activity was empowered by our own group and IFET Firefox Club(another group in our college with the same motto as ours).
The students are much more interested in app making and are more enthusiastic in creating a simple “Hello World” app.We took the support of Cordova platform and it made the work simple.
10350348_1540469216181926_8959592386970225351_n10610837_1540469302848584_6338376068935432032_n  1937473_1540469449515236_5902169177803358892_n 1454619_1540469239515257_6170523613979223735_n 12501_1540469249515256_7734134395291919190_n
The idea is to make a series of sessions and to make it more feasible to the app fest at the end.This could lead to more contributions in the marketplace.See you soon there… 🙂

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