GNU/Linux Install Fest

Every GNU/Linux Users Group runs through a phase where all the members of the group should essentially know the importance of installing GNU/Linux operating systems in their machine.As an important part of our GLUG’s  process the Install fest is planned to educate the members.

It is carried over in two divisions,

  • Discussion about requirements and configuration (28.8.2014)
  • Installation session (4.9.2014)

10649522_1552647998297381_2578565828038742354_n10646812_1552648121630702_560915660643417067_n 10636147_1552648198297361_5141922296403434725_n   10419465_1552647208297460_1874669378221689168_n 10409419_1552648051630709_4184245447171281910_n

The aim of the Install fest is not only to install the required distribution but also to educate them about problems that they encounter upon installation.

We are happy that we got the desired output there.Happy learning… 🙂


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